How to Become a FIFA Match Agent

Who is a Match Agent?

A Match Agent is a natural person employed to arrange matches and is licensed by
FIFA regulations. At its meeting on 17 December 2002, the FIFA Executive Committee passed the
following regulations in compliance with art. 16 par. 3 of the Regulations Governing the
Application of the FIFA Statutes.

Becoming a FIFA Match Agent
Individuals can become match agents by submitting a written and substantiated request
to the Agents Department. Such request must include the following:
 A signed letter of request with a personal declaration that a candidate is fully
conversant with the terms of the Match Agents Regulations and the
Regulations governing the application of the Statutes;
 Official written confirmation from a FIFA member association supporting the
application confirming that: – a candidate applying for the licence has a good
reputation; and – it does not object to the candidate acting as Match Agent;
 Professional liability insurance policy together with the Match Agent Insurance
Policy Submission Form; and
 A passport-format photo with a neutral background.
All applications are to be sent to The licence is free of

Maintaining the licence
There is no annual licence fee paid to FIFA. To keep their licence active, a Match Agent
has to maintain their required insurance policy at all times and submit proof of renewal
to the Agents department for review before the expiry date to prevent automatic
suspension. Each submission of their insurance policy for review has to be
accompanied by the prescribed Match Agent Insurance Policy Submission Form to


  1. FIFA match agents set up international soccer matches, like friendlies or
  2. They work with teams, clubs, and federations to find good matchups.
  3. They handle the logistics of the event, like scheduling and contracts.
  4. FIFA match agents must follow FIFA’s rules to ensure everything is fair.

FIFA match agents typically make money through commissions on the deals they

This means they get a percentage of the money involved in setting up the match, which
could come from:
 Ticket sales
 Broadcast rights
 Sponsorships

The commission received by the FIFA match agent shall not exceed 25% of the amount
he has negotiated for the club or national association he represents. Contractual pro-
vices that contain higher commissions shall be null and void but do not affect the
contract’s validity.

If the contract concluded between the FIFA match agent and his client does not contain
any provisions regarding commission, the match agent shall be entitled to
compensation of 10% of the amount he has negotiated for the club or national
association he represents.

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