FIFA Code of Ethics

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The Code applies to any illegal, immoral or unethical conduct that damages the integrity and reputation of football, excluding conduct covered by other regulations.

The rules of conduct outlined in Part II, Section 5 of the Code (Articles 14-30) should be included in applicable regulations, and the principles of the sanctioning system should be used as a minimum requirement guidance by confederations and member associations.

The Code applies to all officials, players, FIFA-licensed match agents, and football agents.

The Ethics Committee has the authority to investigate and judge the conduct of individuals, even if they are no longer bound by the Code at the time of the proceedings.

The Code applies to conduct that occurred before its enactment, and individuals can be sanctioned based on the Code that was applicable at the time of the conduct, with the maximum sanction not exceeding what was available under the then-applicable Code.

The Ethics Committee has the authority to decide on procedural rules and interpretations in situations of omissions and doubts concerning interpretation.

They can draw on established precedents, principles, FIFA custom, and sports doctrine and jurisprudence.

The Ethics Committee is composed of an investigatory and adjudicatory chamber.

Ethics Committee proceedings are made up of an investigation and adjudicatory process.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding FIFA's ethical standards
  • Professional development
  • Compliance and integrity
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Risk management
  • Educational value
  • Global perspective
  • Personal and organizational ethics
  • Career advancement
  • Promotion of fair play

Course Content

Here, we’d be discussing definitions of major terms in the document that you should be familiar with.

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